I am not a big consumer of magazines. In my younger days I would easily purchase 5 - 10 game/tech magazines a month, but I have since migrated to the web for all of my coverage needs. With the introduction of Atomix, my excitement for magazines has resurged.

Atomix launched with backing from the Area5 guys who provided video content, and that was cool. The first 2 issues featured videos from the guys that added a lot to the overall feel of the digital magazine. They have now dropped from the project due to economic reasons, but Atomix will continue.

At first, I took this news pretty hard because the video content was a key part of the digital magazine experience to me, but a few days ago I discovered EGMi. EGMi, the digital sister publication of EGM, has been available on the web for a while, but I never felt compelled to look at it there. After downloading the first weekly issue on the iPad, I am suddenly a fan.

EGMi lacks the video content that Atomix had, and surprisingly, I don’t miss it too much. The content is longer form, and is a definiteĀ supplementĀ to my regular checking of blogs and gaming websites.

I would urge anyone who is into games and has an iPad to check out both Atomix and EGMi. At this point EGMi is a bit more compelling in its content and general usability, but they are both exciting glimpses as what non-ness game coverage could be morphing into.

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